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    Smile Preparing for an Eviction Hearing

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Florida

    I have two questions:

    My first is, I was attempting to delete my other two threads in the forum since the issue has past & don't want to clog the forum...I couldn't find out how to do it? Anyone know? THANKS!!!!!!!

    Second, and more importantly...My eviction lawsuit is finally set for a Final Hearing. I spoke with the JA today & the Judge issued the order yesterday.

    Basically, when we go to Court next Wed. our rent will be paid in full and up to date. We filed our Answer / Motion to Dimiss and then our landlord filed for a Motion for Default (we never got our copy so I have no idea what she was alleging). Since then our landlord has been uncooperative, not too concerned with it really but it's clear she's annoyed..etc..etc... She kept telling us that we are to pay her directly and NOT the courts, even though we had a Summons & Complaint stating that we are to pay the Courts until the lawsuit is over. Then telling us how she'll get an atty, we'll loose & it will be expensive for her...etc..etc...Whatever. Honestly, I think she's just pissed off b/c she expected us not to have the money & fall flat on our faces. Guess she didn't think we'd put up an argument since we have a legitimate issue as stated in our Motion to Dismiss. So, anyway......

    Point is, the order scheduled us for Final Hearing & for us to deposit March's rent. We are doing that on the 20th. Our hearing is for March 25th.

    Anyone know what to expect at the hearing? The JA said as long as we pay March's rent we are good to go. Should we be prepared to argue in our favor in case the landlord tells the court that she still wants us out even though we are paid current? We are in a lease until the end of June...only a few more months. We'd prefer to stay there until our lease is up and then leave. If anyone can tell me in their opinion what to expect, I know each State and case is different, but some awareness is better than none, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    Default Re: Preparing for an Eviction Hearing

    The Admin team does not delete posts. They'll stand, and perhaps will be helpful in the future to someone in a similar situation.

    As for your hearing, the JA is correct. You've deposited your rent timely with the court, so you ought not have any problems.

    Should the landlady kick up a fuss - and from what you've written, she may be dumb enough to do so - you may be asked to answer. Note that you've deposited your rent with the court as instructed.

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