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    Default Retailer Not Fulfilling Warranty

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida
    I bought furniture last may from a chain retailer. I was told and also in the pamplet I was given that I have a 1 yr warranty for defects. My furniture is now falling apart at the seams (cushions and base where cushions sit). The retailer sent a person to my house to look at the furniture and he said he did know what caused the problem, but he could sew the cushions back if I wanted him to, but he couldn't fix the main part of the couch and love seat. I told him I wanted the furniture replaced because it couldn't be fixed and it was falling apart at multiple places. He said he would report that to customer service and they would call me. Today they called me and told me that the damage was from abuse and not a defect. This simply isn't true the furniture has been well taken care of and is free of stains, rips or tears except what I described. Then they asked me to send some pictures email which I complied. When I call back the girl told me , yes we looked and the pictures and see the the fabric material is deteriorating but we need pictures of the complete furniture not just the cushions or areas in question. So again I complied. Then when I called back the person on the phone told me that the head people had discussed my pictures and decided since I damaged the furniture they would replace the cushions but not the couch/ loveseat. I told him no I didn't cause any damage to my furniture and I would not except that because the furniture is defective. I then went on to tell him about what the previous lady had said about where she could see the material deterioration. He put me on hold. Then came back to the phone and said, yes we feel something has been spilled on this furniture that caused the material to deteriorate. I reminded him that there and no stains or apparent spills to the furniture because that never occurred and also the defective areas are through out the cushions and the bases of both loveseat and couch not one or two particular areas. He said well we will give you cushions but thats all we can do. I paid a lot of money for this furniture and have only had it a little over 9 mo. at this rate it won't last another year. Please help me with any advice or steps I should take next. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Retailer Not Fulfilling Warranty

    Check this site. It might be a good place to start if you cannot get the store to honor its warranty on your furniture.

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