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    Question Dual Citizenship

    I plan on visiting the U.S. and I will be driving through the border. I'd like to obtain dual citizenship for my daughter the same day, who will be less than a month old. Where would I have to go to inquire about this and is it possible to have it all done within a day? Or do I have to arrange an interview ahead of time?

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    Default Re: Dual Citizenship

    Was your child born here, or are you or your spouse a US citizen?

    Read here and here.

    (I have assumed you're coming from Canada. If you're driving from Mexico, please let me know, I'll see if I can find that info.)
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    Default Re: Dual Citizenship

    My daughter was born in Canada.
    Her father is a U.S. Citizen
    Can I go to any U.S. embassy to obtain dual citizenship for her?

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