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    In Georgia, I had a possesion case dismissed, how can I get the sheriffs office to return the money I had in my pocket, they are giving me a hard time, they are saying the Judge needs to sign off on it,,,the case has been dismissed fully...what can I do? thanks

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    If they want an order from the court that dismissed the charges against you, consider petitioning the court to order your money returned.

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    I really do not understand why there is a law that allows things to be confiscated anyway? I could see confiscating things related to illegal activity (scales, wrappers, etc) or evidence. But why is it legal for the police to take the possessions of a person who has not even been convicted? When they are working on legalizing marijuana, this is a law that should be re-examined. It is totally unfair and wrong to fund police departments with things that belong to potential wrong-doers - and then make them spend money on lawyers to get their things back.

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