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    Default Default Judgment, Never Notified of Lien

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Michigan.

    My question is I belonged to a credit union that has pulled some very illegal and dirty tactics to collect on a debt that they said I committed fraud in opening. The thing is, the card had been opened 3 years prior to when they said I applied. ANYWAYS, they never served me with a notice, even though they knew where I worked and lived and committed sewer service on me to get a default judgement. My question is that I was researching public records and they have a lien against my house that was foreclosed on. Do they not have to notfiy you of liens filed against you? I was never notified of this, just as I was never notified of the court case. At least with the court case, I recieved the papers after it was all said and done. But I have never recieved anything about the lien being filed? Is this just one more thing I can add to my long list of them committing fraud upon the court?

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    Default Re: Default Judgment, Never Notified of Lien

    If you have evidence of fraud, take it up with the court. If you want to see whether they claim to have served you in relation to the lien, check the court file. From what I see, unless it was part of the original judgment, you should have been served with notice that they were seeking a lien against your real property (although I'm sensing that I'm only getting about 10% of the story).

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    Default Re: Default Judgment, Never Notified of Lien

    They say that they served me according to the court, however I never recieved anything. I am currently in litigation in both civil and bankruptcy courts in this matter because they have claimed that I committed fraud, when they in fact are the ones who have comitted it. In a nutshell, they stated I opened a VISA card in November 06 with a $22,000 credit limit and gave them a false income number. When in fact, this account has been open since July 03 and the only thing that was switched over in November 06 was the member number at the credit union. I had had the same accout number and credit limit since Feb 06, 10 months prior to this switching of member number. They filed a lawsuit against me and got a default judgement against me without properly serving me. They served the notice at a foreclosed house, which I had notified them prior to them filing that I was not living there anymore, AND they had been given proper notice as to where I worked and lived. They committed sewer service because they know their claim is false and did not want me to appear in court. I have suponeaed the phone records for my phone at work and found over 49 calls from them to me, so they knew where I worked, yet didn't bother to serve me here. I have every statment, document, letter, EVERYTHING and it all shows to back up my case. My attorney has claimed unclean hands and it attempting to take them to the wringers for sanctions and such. However, I just found this lien the other day and was never notified of it, and it was on the before mentioned foreclosed house.

    Another question I had is that there is a new owner of the house now. What happened to that lien?

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