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    Default Writing a Bill to Change Civil Rights

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: THE USA


    I have gone through this site, and felt this was probably the best place to ask my question.

    From what I have read time and again, most Civil issues between an individual and a state/ government seem to rest soley on 2 things: Civilian vs. Government, and SOL/ - time that has passed.

    So I realize that I cannot sue the Government/state for personal injury on something that took place 46 years ago.

    However, my issue affects many who have been in my situation, and screams for the need of major changes in the way our government handles issues dealing with foster children/ wards of the courts.

    I want to lobby for those major changes.

    How would one go about doing that?
    What information would one need to know?
    Is there information on the Internet that can help an individual research/gather/and construct a bill?, or other legal form/document that can lead to possible reform/change in how things are done within the governmental programs pretaining to social care of foster children, and or wards of the court?

    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,


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    Default Re: Writing a Bill to Change Civil Rights

    We have no idea what you hope to accomplish.

    Consider trying to find advocacy groups that share your goals, then volunteering.

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    Default Re: Writing a Bill to Change Civil Rights


    Lawmakers are influenced by a NUMBER of voters having a concern.

    Simply submitting a bill is not the best course of action.

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    Default Re: Writing a Bill to Change Civil Rights

    One of the provisions in the 1st AM is the right to Petition the govt. for a redress of grievances.

    If it is a state level complaint, your state constitution probably affords the same provision. In the alternative, the Initiative process is available to have laws drafted to be put on the ballot as long as the required # of voters signed the Petition. Then it is presented to the state Secretary of State for certification. If it is validated, then it is put on the ballot.

    Try to contact a political action group to get a general idea on how to go about such.

    In the alternative, proposing changes to your state legislator's is also an option.

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