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    Default Co-Worker's Lies After Workplace Shoving Incident

    This past week one of my fellow employees got violent he shoved me twice .I reported what happened to to my employer and when they questioned him he admitted to yelling at me but said he never touched me. I have a witness that saw the hole thing he knows this but he still denys he ever touched me.To add more insult to this he got one of his buddys to get involved and say that he seen everything and that I was never touched.Thing is his buddy was not around when this happened .So not only did I have to go though all the abuce from the first guys with the yelling pushing and shoveing .Now I got these two A- holes calling me a lier .I dont know what to do how do I get the truth out ? Do I have to get a lawyer ? What do I have to do take a polygraph to get the truth out and clear my name . Is this even an option? And if takeing a polygraph I get the truth out Do I have a Defamation case

    Thank You for any input you can give me

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    Default Lying Co-Worker

    As sad as it is, you may not be able to actually prove that they are lying. Are there any independent witnesses who can back you up? Polygraphs aren't admissible as evidence, and you won't be able to get a court to order polygraph testing in a civil lawsuit.

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