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    Default Expunged Records Backround Check

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Harrisburg, Pennsylvannia

    Let me start by explaining my criminal record. At about age 15, I was charged with a few minor (misdemeanor) offenses. I served two 6 month probation sentences with the promise my criminal record would be wiped clean. (I am currently awaiting my own personal backround check, to see what makes up my record if anything) For completing probation, I was told that my crimes would be expunged. The crimes included, Stealing from a motor vehicle in amount less than (<1,000) 1,000 dollars. This was a misdemeanor.

    Now, just today I tried applying for a Temp Agency known as JFC Staffing. I aced all their so called tests (3rd grade stuff) and began my interview. To my dismay however, my interviewer informed me that EVEN expunged crimes must be disclosed. I explained the charges happened as a minor and that my record was clean, but was told that unless the crime occured more than 7 years ago they COULD NOT hire me.

    The problem I have with this is that those records are sealed to the public, first off. Secondly, I was unfamiliar with procedure that barred employment based on a past misdemeanor, let alone one commited as a minor. The nice lady who gave me my interview suddenly had turned short and rude. According to her, even expunged crimes show up on backround checks. The end result was me politely thanking her for nothing and asking her to shred the documents Id just spent the last hour and a half filling out.

    Any help or insight on this situation would be greatly appreciated. I personally feel as though I have been discriminated against, though I admit I am not 100 percent familiar with these laws. THANK YOU

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    Default Re: Expunged Records Backround Check

    If they ask about expunged records, then you must answer truthfully.

    Even expunged records can be seen on certain background checks done by certain agencies/employers.

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