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    Default Hired for one job then forced into another

    I was just recently hired to work a job Technical Support. The company is hiring in large ammounts. They hire in groups of 50 or more. The last group was yanked from training and placed into the retention department which deals with customers who want to cancel service. They never finished their training and told it was temporary for a couple of weeks. That was two months ago. I have just finished training and a manager came in to say the same is going to be done with us and that we are going to be trained on Monday for the Retention Department. The Retention Department actually has a higher wage than ours however because they use the term temporary we will not be gettting that wage difference. There is another crew of 50 persons who are just two weeks into training for Technical Support. I feel I was tricked into working for this company who has a hard time getting people to work their retention department and once your thier they put you in that department and do so without the pay differiential. My issue is my employment contract says Technical Support and 6 weeks training for Technical Support. There is no mention of extra training or having to work a department that clearly I would not have taken the job for had they disclosed what they were doing in the begining. They also clearly knew they were going to so because they did it to the last group.

    The other issue I have is when working the phones at this place there are buttons to press say when you finish your call and need to write up tickets or comment an account etc. You get two minutes to do so if after the two minutes your not done it begins to docK your pay even though you are still working is this legal. I thought you had to be paid no matter what and if they don't like how you are working they have the option to terminate you?

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    It seems unlikely that you can make anything out of a transfer between departments, temporary or otherwise, based upon the needs of the employer and without any change in pay or benefits. The normal remedy when assigned to work you don't like is to look for a different job. However, the pattern of conduct you describe could affect that.

    The time limit for writing up tickets is interesting. If that's not a reasonably generous allotment of time for the assigned task, it's quite questionable. If it is, the employer is probably justifying its actions by classifying you as being on break if you're not promptly attending to your actual job duties.

    All in all, you should consider discussing your situation with a plaintiff-side employment lawyer in your state, to have your situation reviewed in detail.

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