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    Default Attorney Not Writing Correct Judges Orders

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: IL

    I'm not exactly sure what this is, I had a court case in Dec- I attened court the judge told me exactly what I needed to do to fulfill my obligations for an outstanding attorney bill I HAVE been paying on. She told me exactly what I should do and I was following it EXACTLY- I have come to find out that the attorney that wrote up what HE wanted instead of what she told me to do, now has a warrent out for my arrest because I didn't follow what was on the papers HE wrote up- MY misfortune, I didn't read the paper the judge signed I assumed it was exactly what she told me- It said nothing like it and it actually didn't make any sense. She told me to pay a certain dollar amount
    if I missed 1 week I would go to jail- The paper says he wanted to be paid in FULL in 4 weeks. the numbers she told me to pay would not even come close for another 8 weeks to have the attorney paid in full. I am confused about how he can get away with writing the wrong information and if I have anything to fight with? He will be paid in full all of $300-- But It was WRONG what he did to me- Help!

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    Default Re: Attorney Not Writing Correct Judges Orders

    Normally an order would be entered at the time of the hearing, at the time of a subsequent hearing to settle the order, or by virtue of notice to you that an order had been submitted to the court for entry and that you had a limited time to object to the order and submit your own proposed order. What exactly happened?

    You can order a transcript of the hearing where the terms of the order were described on the record, and attempt to use that transcript to convince the court that you were complying in good faith with the actual order of the court and regrettably failed to notice that the written order was different from the court's oral instruction to you.

    If you're being taken to court for a contempt hearing, it is sensible to retain a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Attorney Not Writing Correct Judges Orders

    Thank you!!!! I will get the trans scripts- It is VERY frustrating--

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