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    Unhappy Dog Laws in Oklahoma

    My question involves animal law for the State of Oklahoma.

    I live in Oklahoma City in a bungalow type community neighborhood in a duplex. Next door to me are efficiencies (apartments). Some people in the building have animals that they take in the front and back yard of their building to use the restroom.
    One man has a black shepherd and my dog (blue heeler/shepherd mix) and this dog just do not get along. This man takes his dog out on a leash in his back yard (which is more of a parking lot with no fence) and his dog will pull (in the direction of my fence/dog) and bark and my dog will be at my fence and bark.
    A few months ago I went to the yard while the dogs were barking and told my dog to come inside (he spends most of his time inside) and the man said "my dog doesn't like your dog" and I said the same this back and it seemed lighthearted to me and that was that.

    This morning I let my dog out as usual while I got ready in the morning and heard him bark (which usually means he wants in) and found him at the porch with the man close to my fence with his dog and the man yelled at me saying "You! Your ****ing dog almost bit mine" and I said "What? Where and when?" and he said "through the fence! I'm going to call the cops and make you put your dog on a leash in your backyard!"

    Nonetheless I just closed the door on him while he was talking since he was yelling, cussing, and pointing at me while my dog just came inside.

    I think I'm going to call the cops at lunch to tell them what happened just in case he harasses me and to ask them what I should do. I'm a 23 yr old single female living with a female roommate and it scares me to think of this man acting so violently towards me.

    My dog was inside my property and to get close to his dog he would have to bring his dog right beside my fence (while at the same time his dog was barking and going at my dog).

    I just don't want this man to get away with something. What should I do to protect myself/my dog/my property? My dog is protective of my house/yard but he has never bitten a person or a dog- I always keep him in my house, yard, or on a leash. What laws pertain to this and what do they mean etc?


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    Default Re: Dog Laws in Oklahoma

    What can you do to stop your neighbor from being rude? You can't. That's his personality.

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