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    Default Sick, Expensive Parrot Death

    Me and my girlfriend bought african grey parrot 2 months ago and it costs 1100$. After 13days later parrot is died and rightaway we went to the animal hospital and Doctor said that parrot may had sick before you bought, reason why on doctor report parrot was so weak and extremely skinny. Then we went to animal store and they took the body and told me that we will check the body by their doctor and i realized and wanted to get information about their doctor. After 2 days later they told us that they will send liver of parrot to Georgia state so we agreed and after 3 months they still gave us excuses. So i need to know what to do? Go to small court or hire attorney? what should i do

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    it is likely that your attorney fees will exceed the prices of parrot, and any win on your part will only recover a fraction of the full cost of the parrot. If you are going to hire an attorney, you would have to sue them for other punitative damages such as emotional distress...etc etc which in your case would unlikely meet the burden of such proof.

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    Default Re: Sick expensive parrot death

    Did you check about health guarantees before buying? Did the bird have a certificate of health or a vet's notation?

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