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    Default Ohio Statute of Limitations For Failure to Appear in Court

    i have not found any info on family Laws in Ohio for being called to court when my Friend. moved out of state and my friends a Failure to Appear through the courts. and there is a Active warrant ..not CRIMINAL..A CIVIL CASE.. How long does it take to be removed from records?..the friends -her ex- went to another country and no way to clear this up with out him dropping the Warrant?..Her ex--filed a Paper to go before judge to try and take her children, then he left his wife and went with a another lady in Canada..he's gone and she can't get this cleared up...there is no contact from her ex-husband and she does not have computer, so i said i try and ask when a STATUE of Limitation to run out on CIVIL CASE??on Ohio Laws? Thank you,

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    Default Bench Warrant

    Sometimes a warrant will expire; but there is no "statute of limitations" as such on a bench warrant, and ignoring the warrant won't make it go away.

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