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    Default Florida Illegal Sublease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida

    I rented a townhouse with my little brother in June with a real estate company. My little brother moved out in October, and in December, to help with the rent, I sublet his room out to another dude. We had a written agreement with the wrong date, because I need to move out by April, as the lease is up, and he refuses stating that he'll be there until it says on the agreement.

    Now the problem becomes he refuses to pay rent for the last two months of the agreement (March and April), and for this reason, I told him he needed to pay or vacate within ten days. He still refused stating that I'd need an eviction notice from the sheriff. I called up my complex who will send a 7 day notice of noncompliance for an unauthorized guest which I believe will void our agreement, as the sublease was illegal and the only binding lease is the one with the real estate company, but I need to make sure he has no right to stay at the end of the seven days since he hasn't paid for March and the apt complex is kicking him out.

    Also, is it seven business days? or seven actual days?

    This situation is very confusing please help!!

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    Default Re: Florida Illegal Sublease

    Your landlord can evict him (and you) over lease violations; but that doesn't free you up of your contractual obligations to him.

    I can't see the notice the landlord is serving from way over here, but normally such a notice would be to you - the tenant - for breaching the lease by having an unauthorized long-term guest or subtenant.

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