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    Default Regarding Unemployment Decision

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Az


    i was terminated from my employer after being accused of doing something i didn't do (HR took the lead and had me terminated). I went to an attorney and she suggested i apply for unemployment benefits to "flush out any info they have on you." She said they will fight it b ecause technically i am not eligable. I applied back in November. well i finally recieved a response back from Unemployment and this is what it says:

    You are eligible for unemployment insurance

    Discharged from employment, A.R.S 23-775.2, A.A.C. R6-3-51485.A

    You were discharged for an alleged violation of a company rule. you have denied the violation, and your employer has not provided evidence to overcome your denial. A disregard of the employer's interests has not been established.

    What does this mean? i mean i know that they approved me for unemployment but what does the rest mean? I am in the process of a defamation suit due to them telling potential employers the reason they terminated me (the accusation that is did something that i proved i didn't do). I have had job offered rescinded once they spoke to my previous employer and essentially have been kicked out of the industry i work


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    Default Re: Regarding Unemployment Decision

    When you are terminated, the employer bears the burden of proving it was willful and intentional misconduct that prompted your termination. The wording of the Unemployment office is basically saying the employer did not provide proof, or they may not have even responded to the request in which case they did not prove misconduct.

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