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    Question Corruption of a Minor

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Pennsylvania

    A male minor, age 15, knows a male, age 24, through a hobby in real life. The two speak online about topics relating to sex, pornography, fetishes, and sexuality in a purely non-sexual manner (ie. no sexual contact or flirting between the two). Does this constitute Corruption of a Minor, or is it purely innocent, yet raunchy, conversation?

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    Default Re: Corruption of a Minor

    There are several crimes, including some federal, that restrict sexual conversations with minors or others thought to be minors.

    I would stop these activities NOW.

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    Default Re: Corruption of a Minor

    .. . The girl was 15. They chatted for 18 months+ and he never knew where she lived, never met her in person, he never touched her; but for saying the wrong thing online, he was sentenced to three years hard labor and then must register as a sex offender for twenty five years."

    I will give the link but this mom hurts her cause by her style.

    The facts remain; thought crime is a reality. But don't worry too much. These cases do exist but are rare. just clean up your talk online because the next time it could be a cop you flirt with

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