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    Default Review and Demotion Using False Documents

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Texas
    I was working on a project that a manager three levels up submitted for a statewide award (with her name as the principle). The project didn't complete by the submission deadline, which was not the project end date; the submission was withdrawn. The manager has taken a personal involvement in taking actions against me. The short version is, she instructed my manager to write a negative review. The review items all referenced items from the period of the project, though the review period was entirely after the project period. Regardless, every item in the review is refutable with emails, project documents, etc. At the same time I was "written-up", again for items that can be shown to be out of the period and disprovable through existing email and documents. When I was given this review and write-up I tried to discuss this with my manager, and concerning any specific items he said, "That's what I was told." These documents were served four months after the project ended. I have followed internal processes to address this, but the upper level person is the top of the review process. An example of the type of "issues" about me is "delaying a project". The document itself shows the stated delay was less then one day! Based on the review and write-up I am now being forced to take a pay cut. I do want to emphasize that the falsity of the allegations can be easily proven by filed records.
    It seems that by telling my manager what to write (things that he cannot speak to), his serving these false documents to me, and the reduction in income this is an instance of defamation of character. I plan on speaking to a lawyer, but wanted to get opinions or guidance here first.

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    Default Re: Review and Demotion Using False Documents

    unless you have a contract, they really don't need to justify a pay cut.

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