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    Default Potential Medical Liens Against a Home

    My question involves injury or loss that occurred in the state of: Georgia.

    I have owned my home which is fully paid off for quite some time. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was treated for multiple months.

    I am in the process of applying for Medicade and Medicare. However I am worried about potential liens against the property. As I have put most of my life assets into it. I wish to pay off my loans through payment plans. However it will be a long term plan so I am still scared about liens. I do not want to loose all the money my family and I have invested into the house.

    My question is:

    If I do not have any liens or I have not been notified of any future liens as of yet. Can I quitclaim my property and house to a relative and protect my families asset. If not is there any alternate methods. Is this fraudulent if you havn't officially received word from either your insurance or from a debt collector. Therefore ideally you have no massive amount of debt on paper yet?

    I have been reading about the laws for a few weeks and I can't find a definite answer. I am thinking about having my brother file a lien against me and using that to protect from future liens since they work in a first come first serve basis.

    Thanks if you know the answer to this question. I appreciate the time, and this forum.


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    Default Re: Potential Liens and Protecting My Family's Assets

    Is this a really difficult question?

    I am not trying to scam the hospital or anyone in my question if that is how it seems. I fully plan to play the hospital back over a long duration of payment if the insurance does not end up paying for it. But I would like to protect what I currently own if they reject my long term loan payment plan or the rate in which I can pay them back. I love what the hospital has did for me, they saved my life and I am not looking to run from that. Just dont want my family to loose something they all put effort into because I developed a disease.

    Thanks again hope someone knows some answers I looked and couldn't find out. I am going to consult a medical debt lawyer soon I suppose.


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