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    Default Credit Card Debt Summons

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New York

    Yesterday, my father in law received the credit card debt summons in my place, which according to the document gives me 30 days to answer. This is for credit card debt I accrued when I just got out of high school; paying my college expenses. The credit line was $500, now the lawyers are saying I owe $1109.70. I never charged past my credit limit, but late fees and overlimit fees have carried it this far. I opened this card Fall 05, and haven't paid since Spring 06.

    Since it's come this far, is there any way I can settle with their lawyers before a judgment is brought against me? If so, what is the likelihood of them granting the last [expired] settlement amount? If they disagree and insist on going to court, how will the judgment affect my ability to borrow, get a mortgage, find work, etc. in the future?

    Also, are there any recommendations for lawyers who give legal advice/consultation in the Hudson Valley/New York City area?

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    Default Re: Credit Card Debt Summons

    If you want to know if they'll settle, call and ask.

    Here are some possible sources of legal help.

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