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    Default Caught Shoplifting At Walmart, Colorado

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Colorado.

    Hi, I'm 18 years old, this is my first offense. I have not had any run-ins with the law prior to this.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was caught shoplifting $14.95 worth of stuff from Walmart- a DVD and some food. I was detained and the police were called. I was given a ticket and released, and the CSPD said that as long as I went to my court date (which, of course, I plan on doing), there wasn't any way I'd go to jail.

    Here's my problem. I'm homeless, due to issues with my parents, and I don't have any money to pay a court fine. The police seemed sure that I'd be allowed off with community service. I would be unable to pay any court fines, but I feel sincerly guilty about what I've done and would like to redeem myself, so to say. How much community service do you think I'll get? And how does community service work? Like, if I vollunteer some place, am I required to show up every day, or can I make my own schedule, so I go in some days, but not others?

    I really need to go job hunting too, and I have something I have to possibly be at for four days up in Denver on March 26th. So how does community service actually work??

    Also, I recieved a call from Walmart's lawers saying that I owed them $250. When I told them I was homeless and unable to pay, they kinda flipped out and told me that I had to pay the fine, or the fine would be raised.

    I'm homeless, so no matter how much they raise the fine, it's not gonna get paid. What can happen with that? Anyone know?

    Also, last question. Is this a misdemeanor or not? The police said I was being charged with Petty Theft, and it was just like a ticket, like a parking ticket. They said it was below a misdemeanor. So what's a misdemeanor and what's petty theft?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

    - Fowley

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting At Walmart, Colorado

    You will get as much community service time as the court deems appropriate. You have no school, no job, and no other obligations? Then the judge may want to give you extra time to help give you something constructive to do with your time. You will work out where you will perform your community service with the probation department.

    If you don't do your community service, or don't pay fines assessed by the court, you will likely end up in jail.

    Petty theft in Colorado is a Class D misdemeanor.

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting At Walmart, Colorado

    what he said above. only, you have to find a way to come up with the money for the fines, borrow from friends or whatever, once you go to court, there will be fees, even if you ask for more community services, usually theres a fee to register you to do community service. That 250usd fine that walmart lawyer told you to pay, you gotta take care of that also, or they can legally prosecute you. yea it suck, but nowaday its all about money money money..and if you decide to ignore the fines and not do the community service, you would end up in jail. good luck and i hope you get through it.

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