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    Default Transcriber Reveals Info in Medical File

    My question involves public health law in the State of: Ohio
    Is it a HIPAA violation for a medical records transcriber to discuss information in patients' records. My son was admitted into the hospital. He made his ex-girlfriend a point of contact. She is an unemployed LPN and she spent each day at the hospital and had numerous conversations with the nursing staff and physicians about my sons diagnosis and care. Her mother is a transcriber at this hospital. The day after my son was discharged from the hospital her mother either worked on my son's records or otherwise learned the contents. Based on the information in his medical records she knew that her daughter was once again involved with my son. That same day, she contacted her daughter and lit into her about being involved with my son again. Did she violate HIPAA? Additionally, the three of them once lived together and are currently the three of them have an apartment where each of them are on the lease.

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    Default Re: Transcriber Reveals Info in Medical File

    I thought you just told us that your son gave hospital employees permission to discuss his case with his girlfriend. The mother's a hospital employee? Then, as far as HIPAA is concerned, there you go.

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