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    Default 1st DUI and DWLS 3rd Degree

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Washington

    Im just curious on what my case looks like to other people who may have info on the subject. I am 23, full time university student with a 100% clean driving/criminal record.

    Last weekend, I parked my car in a parking spot I wasn't supposed to be parked in. I was spotted by a police officer urinating behind a garbage can. They yelled, told me to stop. (I should have ran) I complied, they asked for my I.D. They ran the license plate of my nearby car, and put it together that it was mine of course.

    They questioned me a little bit, were figuring out what I was doing. When asked, I told the officer I had drank two beers right before I left my house which is no more then 2 mi away from the spot of arrest and gas station im about to mention. I told the officer I went to a nearby gas station to get cigarettes and parked to meet a friend of mine I was going to bring back to my house. The officer then proceeded to do a field sobriety test. According to the judge at my arraignment, I "did fairly well" and passed my field sobriety test according to the police report. But I did not "voluntarily" submit to a breathe test in the field or at the police station. I did this because I had donated plasma that day and supposedly when donating plasma, alcohol is supposed to not be consumed for at least 24 hours because of the increased effects and possibility of some kind of reaction. So me, thinking because I had donated plasma and literally had just drank 2 beers within 20 minutes of the arrest, thought if I did a breathalyzer, the results may be inaccurate, putting my BAC over the .08.

    I didn't know my license was suspended as I transferred out of town to a university in August, my license was supposedly suspended in October because of an old seatbelt ticket.

    I was taken to the police station and released within an hour of questioning/arrival. My overall interaction with the involved police officers was overly pleasant and we had several friendly conversations in between the paperwork.

    Thats my story, what do you think? Any idea on what is going to happen?

    Also, I applied for a public defender, but then was going to use one of my parents lawyers. Im not going to do that and am going to now use the public defender, I am calling him today... My first court date isn't until the end of this month.

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    Default Re: 1st DUI and DWLS 3rd Degree

    Any thoughts?

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