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    Default New Employer Won't Pay Vacation Hours

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: california

    okay so i was hired by a dental corp. in 8/15/04 and the corp policy was 40 hours of vacations/year for the first 3 years of employment and the 4th year would be 80 hours per year. So the corp is owned by to A & B dentist A sold his part to Dentist B. Making dentist B the main owner.

    Dentist A held a meeting saying that the new company was sold to dentist B and that she would be the new owner.Dentist B said everything would be the same every that it was that the way it would remain nothing would change except ownership.So as of Oct 1 dentist B took over ownership.Then I was told that in 2 days I was going to be terminated from the job.It was fine with me but when I asked for my 80 hours of vacation and sick days I had accumulated from my job I was told that I was not to be paid for those days.I was only entitled to 7.8 hours and 2 days of sickness since new ownership took over. She was owner before isnt she entitled to pay me my hours.Its not like it was a complete new owner she was already part owner.

    Doesn't Dentist B have to pay me the entitled vacation hours and sick days?

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    Default Re: New Employer Wont Pay Vacation Hours

    Nothing in the law of any state requires an employer to pay out unused sick days unless a legally binding contract or CBA specifically says otherwise.

    In your state, any vacation days you have actually accrued are due to you on termination. In no state does the law require that you be paid for days you would have earned had your employment not terminated, with the same caveat.

    If you had actually accrued days that you have not been paid for, whether the old ownership or the new ownership must pay them out depends on the terms of the sale.

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