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    Default What to Expect While on Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida.

    I just got county probation for broward county in Florida.
    Im on probation for misdemeanor battery. What should i expect ? will they drug test me ? it was not ordered on my probation sheet. What is the home visit about ? Does the probation officer go though everything ? Do they look through my room , drawers ,all other rooms in the house, computer ? im living at my dads house now. What else should i expect ?

    Thanks in advance for any answers and help.

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    Default Re: What to Expect While on Probation

    Does it need to be said? Don't use illegal drugs while on probation, and don't stash them at your house.

    We can't tell you what the terms of your probation will be, or if they will include a waiver permitting your probation officer to search your home. Has your probation officer indicated that he intends to do that? (You say you're on probation, so you should know the terms of your probation.)

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    Default Re: What to Expect While on Probation

    Yes Probation officers are allowed by law to search through your house if they suspect something without a search warrant because you are on probation. they normally don't they mostly just stop by and make sure your still living there and are doing ok. in 5 years the probation officer only looked around the room 1 time and he didn't go through anything my daughter was sleeping on the bed. so he respected that left the light off and just looked around with his flashlight but he didn't go through all of our drawers or anything. but don't think that because of our situation that they won't do that to you. so be careful. Also even though drug tests were not ordered they can still give you one at anytime if they suspect that you are using or just to make sure that you are not using they can drug test you at any random time. so again be careful. but because you are on for battery and not a drug or alcohol charge they are less likely to test you. but don't think that they won't. probation sucks i know just get in good with your probation officer and make them see that you are doing good even if your not.
    again I don't live in Florida so it might be slightly different but not much we all pretty much have the same laws. so good luck.

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