My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Michigan

When my son was young, he was out of control. We were in counseling with our county. He was very young but was getting kicked out of school, off the buss, he was very violent and would rage. One of the things the court counselor said was that there may come a time, as young as he is, that we may have to call the police. Stealing, personal property destruction or abuse-him hitting me-his mother. That happened, and as hard as it was I had to call the police on my ten year old son. It was one of the most difficult times of our lives. We never went before a judge or anything like that and I believe the charges were dropped.

While we were in counseling, my son actually turned me into protective services and said I abused him. Long story but thank God we were already in counseling and the charges were dropped but it was because he did that we found out he was bi-polar.

Fast forward to today. We have had a long journey and he is almost 16 and is now an incredible kid. The assistant principle in his high school who used to be his resource room teacher said my son is his biggest example that things can and do change. He gets good grades, is at the top of the cross country team.

He has a "girlfriend" at our church. They are never unchaperoned and have never even ridden in a car together alone. Her parents will bring her over here or we bring him over to their house. They have never went on a date-except to the spring formals and such at their school because he is not allowed to officially date until he is 16.

Last night my son came home and said his girlfriend is no longer allowed to come over to our house. When we asked why, he said because her mother is worried I will turn his girlfriend over to the police . . .WHAT?!!?!?

His girlfriend, lets call her Jane, is 14 mo older than him and will be 17 soon. I thought there was something else and this couldn't be true so I called their house. Jane's mother, lets call her Mary, works in the county courts and says because Jane will be 17 she could be convicted of misconduct with a minor child. She ran a background check on my son, will call him Sam, and found out about what happened when he was 10 years old. She said she didn't trust me, his mother, because "I called the cops on my own kid how is she to know I wouldn't call the police on her daughter".

Number one I am ticked off because how dare someone judge something we went through that was horrifying. People don't understand how horrible bi-polar is unless they have went through it. But number 2, does she have a right to get into juvenile records. We also found out she runs background checks on all her kids friends and from my conversations, it sounds like she ran a background check on both my husband and I. She didn't find a thing but still!!

My question is this. Can just anyone pull a record on a juvenile who is still under age and it is something that happened when he was ten? We know she got into our records at the court or she would not have known that it was me who called the police. Is she allowed to do that?