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    Default How Do I Approach My Parents About Being Emancipated

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: WA.

    My situation has been similar with a 3 year old case.

    I moved from HI with my family of 11 to better our lives. However, improvement didnt begin fast enough. My parents struggled financially each month, and I lived 2 years through depression.

    I've always been a cheerleader until the second year came around. My mom always complained about picking me up from practice. She always said it was a waste of time. So I decided not to join cheerleading my senior year to avoid that being said again. But then she harrassed me about obtaining a drivers permit during the summer. So I passed the test and received my driver's permit. She only took me driving a few times and stopped. I ended up not driving and so it was for nothing. At the end of that year (2008; in late October) I decided to help out by getting a part time job. I worked five days a week and an average of two hours a day with a minimal pay. They complained but I still gave them my paychecks.
    During my senior year, I worked hard to succeed. I did everything independently. My goal was to graduate early, to attend college in HI, during the spring semester. I planned to live with my boyfriend and his family because they supported my decisions. My parents didnt want me to even graduate early. But I did and at the last second, they were ok with it because they wanted to use me as a babysitter.
    Now that I'm done with school, I want to pursue my career and end the long distance relationship that my boyfriend and I have. He waited for over a year for me, and there is no reason for staying here. I fought with my parents and made it clear that I'm not happy here. And my mom said, "If I could I would let you just go, but you're not 18!!" Every day I stay in my room and refuse tobe in their presence. She doesnt want to sign me over, so is it possible to get emancipated? How do I obtain the papers?

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