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    Default Right of Confidentuality Violated

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    I'm on felony probation, and a close friend of my father is a probation officer, but not mine of course.

    I have been violated twice, and on those occasions, my father has been informed of my status. Once, he had been informed even before I had.

    In what way, may this problem be handled? I am open to any and all different solutions.

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    Default Re: Right of Confidentuality Violated

    These records are public.

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    Default Re: Right of Confidentuality Violated

    A matter of public record even before a pending violation can be set forth by the courts?

    I appreciate your feedback, but if you would be so kind as to double check your reply for the following reason.

    I recall a ph. conversation w/probation officer as to an upcoming court date on violation. I asked if the info we were speaking of, at that point was confidentual, and it was made very clear to me that it was.

    If not, is there anyone else out there with another opinion, idea, thought?

    I am on adult probation and really don't care for my "Daddy" to be informed of every little thing as if I'm a juvinile.

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    Default Re: Right of Confidentuality Violated

    Then you can call his boss and make a complaint. But, there is no legal requirement that they keep a pending violation under their hat.

    I suppose you can make a civil case if you suffer some kind of damages ... perhaps if you lost a great job opportunity because of the blabbing. But, how much are you willing to pay an attorney to pursue a case for embarrassment?

    Oh, as a side note, there is really no such thing as a "confidential" communication to law enforcement (and a probation officer is a law enforcement officer). Plus, if it is an upcoming court date, then that implies that the matter is on calendar, and the court calendar and the nature of actions before the court ARE matters of public record in California.

    - Carl
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

    Seek justice,
    Love mercy,
    Walk humbly with your God

    -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ...

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