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    Default Termination of Employment After Audit

    My husband was fired Friday from a HUGE corporation where he has worked for 19+ years. They stated he falsified documentation (on sales orders) to increase his commission. He has a PRISTINE record with this company, winning awards after awards, having excellent evaluations, being included in a sales training video. There was no written change of commission scale and my husband had been recording a certain type of sale under a certain type of commission type for the past 2.5 years he has worked in sales. (He previously was in the technical division.) He was never warned in any way that this was improper, other salesreps have done it the same way. There apparently was some discussion regarding such sales in a meeting in November, but nothing was made "official policy", no memo's to the effect, etc.

    He had an employee evaluation in January with excellent remarks, he has always been a MODEL employee and they fired him in a 15 minute meeting without severance, without anything.

    They (BIG DOG) audited his sales records for a period of time and determined he was cheating. With his impeccable record, why would they not just set him straight, set all the salesreps straight on the issue, tell him NO this is not the correct way to do it, even charge him back (which I would also oppose) on commissions they felt they overpaid him.

    Records could be obtained that would prove that this my husband's story. He is so absolutely honest -- and would never knowingly cheat on anything.

    PLEASE! Advice? We have an appointment with an attorney on Thursday, someone I found in the yellow pages, but I need information now.

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    Default Falsified Documentation and Commissions

    I am not sure what help you hope to receive in advance of your meeting. To the extent possible, assemble documentation which would support your version of the events to take with you to the meeting with the lawyer.

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    I got disrupted when writing my HELP! message and didn't finish.

    Can we contact their HR Dept...I would like copies of his personnel file, sales records, whatever records they based their decision on.

    We only have the "story" to tell the lawyer, no documentation. They didn't even copy him on his termination letter.

    Having worked in HR for many years (although not in the last 5 years), I feel that the termination was handled wrong. Has so much changed in five years? He walked out only with a business card with COBRA's phone number on it.

    My hope is to counter them with a severance package and to correct his personnel record with a favorable termination. He has put his life into this company.

    I really appreciate any advice or information.

    Thank you

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