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    Default Michigan Employee Required to Sign Non-Compete

    There is talk of my employer's upcoming revision to the employee handbook containing a non-compete agreement. I have been employed with the company for almost 10 years, never having signed anything but a statement that I received, read, and understood the previous employee handbooks (each containing clear reference to employment being 'at will').

    With that said, where might I find information on 'midstream' employment / non-compete contracts with reference to additonal consideration (or lack thereof)?

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    Default Change of Terms of Employment

    Michigan is an at-will state. Unless you have a contract of employment,in which case any such change would normally have to occur at the conclusion of the contractual period, your employer can impose new terms and conditions of employment, and your decision to remain employed reflects your acceptance of those new terms and conditions. This can be limited if, for example, the job is unionized and thus subject to collective bargaining.

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