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    Default Lying to Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia

    Im not sure if this is the right topic to be under (i am new to this site) but my fiance is on Probation in NJ and put in a transfer to come to VA with me b/c we have a baby on the way. Everything was going smoothly until my aunt decided to write a letter to the probation in VA LYING and stating he already lives here. The transfer had not been approved here in VA yet. It just made it to VA and last we heard was that they had to do a house check etc. before finally approving his transfer.

    Anyhow, is there a way I can prosecute her for lying to his probabtion here? She admitted it to another relative, but how can I prosecute her? And will probation release that letter to me?

    Additionally, now what is the process for his investigation? B/c now they will investigate the home in which me and my grandparents live (where my fiance would be moving) which is great b/c they will see that my aunt is lying. But how long is that process?? How long now do we have to wait for them to investigate?

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    Default Re: Lying to Probation

    What crime do you believe was committed?

    Given the interstate aspect, and the nature of the alleged offense, even if you could identify a crime I doubt that a prosecutor will have any interest in pursuing a case.

    We can't tell you how long the investigation will take.

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