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    Default Small Court Claims Court in San Francisco, California

    My question involves a security deposit in the State of: South San Francisco, CA.

    I have followed all instructions at I have sent notifications through email, phone and a legal demand letter before making my claim. My only problem is that I do not have my ex landlord exact address. I do have her work address which is where I sent my demand letter to.

    My question is that if it is fine to put down her work address as her "address" in the Small Claim Forms? If not, I knew that she owns a couple property in Daly City, CA and/or San Francisco, CA. I believed she rented out her houses, so if I put down one of the house as her address and the current tenant does not notify her will that nullified the claim? Thank you for your expert and timely respond.


    I rented the house for $2400 a month with $2400 deposit and signed a 12 months lease on November 11, 2007.

    On October 17, 2008 I purchased the house I was renting, so I have assumed full responsibilities of the house.

    I asked her for my security deposit ($2400) and the pro-rated rate for the remaining days of October [($2400/31)]*14 days= $1083. I asked for $2400+$1083= $3483 back and she gave only $500 in November 2008, so the balance which she owes me is $2983.

    Do I have a case for her considering that the 12 months lease was not expired yet?

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    Default Re: Small Court Claims Court in San Francisco, California

    Don't go sending notices about your claim to her other tenants.

    If she owes you money and won't pay, small claims court awaits.

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