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    Default Graduating Late While On Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: troy mi
    so i got charged with 2nd degree retail fruad back in september and i had to pay a civil demand and my lawyer pleaded hyta ecuase im 17 and ima first time offender i got charged with 1 year probation random drug tests 40 hours cs counseling and one class for shoplifiting prevention or something but wasent charged a court fee just 50 dollars a month for probation and other charges such as the testing and counseling i was sentenced last month and gotta meet with po on march on the paper that gave sugjestion to judge said i had to graduate before probation was over but im a few credits short and might not be able to by january 2010 the judge didnt say nothing about that and i recall i didnt read on the paper i read after the sentence i was wondering what happens if i dont graduate on time is that a violation of probation i do plan on graduating tho

    thanks for the help

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    Default Re: My Outcome

    Talk to your probation officer. You may be able to extend your probation to give you time to graduate. Also, you may be able to graduate with night classes or summer school.

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