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    Default Lodger in California

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: California

    I have been working for someone a few days a week in exchange for rent. I have been holding up my part of the bargain. But now I have been given a written seven day notice from the person's lawyer. (This was after the person gave me a verbal 30 day notice, but now the person's retaliating after I asked for said notice in writing).

    I have looked at the civil codes online (1945, 1946, 1162, etc.) and my understanding is that, since no lease agreement was signed, I have the right to no less than a 30 day notice. I did not fail to pay rent (I have worked every "shift"), nor did I damage the property, become a nuisance, or use the property unlawfully (which are all just causes for a shorter, three day notice).

    So my first question is, is my interpretation of the law correct?

    And my second question is -- since I can neither afford a lawyer nor afford to move out in seven days -- how should I proceed? Should I speak with the person's lawyer directly? Should I reply in writing? What should I do?

    Thanks for your speedy reply.

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    Default Re: Lodger in California

    You call yourself a lodger. Do you mean to say that you were the sole lodger in a home owned and occuped by your landlord?

    Your rights to notice, in general, are outlined here.

    Consider contacting legal aid.

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