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    Unhappy Late with Completion of Diversion Program

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio.

    I entered a diversion program in the fall, as a result of a charge for drug abuse and possession of paraphernalia. Money was tight, and I haven't paid all the fines necessary to complete the contract.

    Additionally, the drug/alcohol class I have to attend was full the 2 times I've called them. However, it's 2 weeks after the deadline, I've finished my community service, and I've paid my fines. Taking the class next month.

    Still, I haven't completed the contract on time. I know I have to pay some fines that were originally waved upon my entrance to the program, due to my situation, but what else is the consequence here? Do I have to go to court again?

    I'm fine with being on probation/paying more fines/community service, I just want to avoid jail time at all costs.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Late with Completion of Diversion Program

    Contact the probation officer (or whomever is supervising your case for the diversion program) and ask for an extension. If you're lucky you'll get one. (But don't make the mistake of thinking you deserve one.)

    For the record, when you're having trouble complying with the terms of probation you should talk to the probation department before you violate - not after.

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