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    Default Money Stolen From Work at a Prosecutors Office

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Missouri

    I was fired from my job at the prosecuting attorney in 2008. A state audit report has shown that I took atleast 2000 from them over a time period from Oct 2007 until I was fired for "not following office procedures". They are saying in the newspaper that I have anonymously admitted to this crime and that they are assigning the state high patrol for a full investigation and the Attorney General for prosecutions. They are seeking criminal prosecution and restitution. What all could this end up costing me... money wise and criminal charges?
    Thanks for your help (I dont have the money for a lawyer yet so I'm starting here).

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    Default Re: Money Stolen From Work (Prosecutors Office)

    Restitution, fines and incarceration.

    It's in your very best interests to scrape up the money for an attorney to help you negotiate a resolution that does not include time behind bars.

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