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    Question Starting a Website & Registering in US or Abroad

    I am in the US on H1-B work visa(Texas). I am looking to start a simple website from which I expect revenue in the form of advertisements.

    I am looking at the following ways, which I think could be legal, to get the money to me. Can someone please help me understand which of the following ways may be acceptable?

    1. I wish to register the website aboard (for ex: in India) and also provide my back account number in India for getting the revenue that I receive the advertisements. Is that acceptable as per US H1-B immigration laws?

    2. I register the website in india itself and direct the revenue from advertisements towards a paypal account, and then get cheques from there. Is that acceptable?

    If there is an alternative way(s), please let me know.

    thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Starting a Website & Registering in US or Abroad

    Doing side work for an overseas company while on an H1B visa isn't a problem, even if you own it. You're not allowed to work for a U.S.-based employer.

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