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    Default Testing Positive for Marijuana and Alcohol Will I Be Denied Benefits


    I suffered a trauma 3 years ago. I was not a drinker nor a pot user, but after the trauma I started for aprox 6 months. I was recently diagnosed bipolor (well was actually diagnosed in college but did not seek treatment) and ptsd (post traumatic stress). I have been denied a few times and then got a lawyer. They had to file good cause letter because I was hostpitalized for my illness at the time that I needed to file the appeal for a hearing. Now I am waiting (I am in treatment for drug and alcohol and living in the mental health system housing, safe housing drug/alcohol free)

    My question is that I have no criminal record, I am the one that turned myself in for the use, I am in treatment. My lawyer believes in my case. The waiting is excruciating. I really need this because I am on expensive medications now. After the trauma ( my son was kidnapped and my life collapsed), wellfare and in the mental health system, could I still recieve my Social Security?

    Has anyone recieved SS after testing positive for drugs/alcohol? Especially if they are activily getting treatment?

    Any words on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: Testing Positive for Marijuana and Alcohol Will I Be Denied Benefits

    I hate to make it worse for you, but I also feel that I need to tell you this. If your waiting or counting on SSD your going to be waiting a very long time. The system is IMHO, THE most screwed up of all of all within the government. If you are awarded in under 2 1/2 yrs, then it was a quick award.
    Every case is different. Rarely is SS awarded for alcohol/drugs. Talk to your attorney.

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    Default Re: Testing Positive for Marijuana and Alcohol Will I Be Denied Benefits

    if i read your post right, you are applying on the merits of bipolar and ptsd,, not alcohol or drug use, that in itself is pretty tough, but i encourage you to see a psyc for the ptsd, it can only help your case, as i know 4 people personally with psychological problems that are on either ssi or ssd, and imo. thats what got them approved. and being a treated drug user or alcoholic, should not have a bearing. but as girl said you got a long fight to go. i am totally surprised that your lawyer isnt encouraging you to see a psychologist. based on the ptsd.

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