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    Question SSDI Back Pay For Dependents


    First, I would like to express how thankful I am to have found this forum. I have read so much great information here. I only wish I had found it sooner!

    My question is regarding benefits for my children. I applied for SSDI benefits by phone this past December (2008). The representative was extremely helpful and nice. She even said she was going to try to have my claim expedited. She said she was not in a position to actually approve the expedition but she could recommend it. Of course, I totally did not expect that to happen but I had a little hope! Soon after my telephone interview, my husband and I received a packet of forms needed to complete the application process. We faxed those back in on New Year's Eve. The only other correspondence I received from them was a form advising me I had to go to my local Health Department to have an eye exam, which I did. Then just last week, the same sweet lady who took my initial application called and said she needed to take applications for my 2 minor children. I assumed it was still just part of my initial application because I had heard from a friend that my children might also be eligible for benefits if I were to be approved. During that conversation, the representative nonchalantly advised me that I had been approved! I was totally stunned because (1) it had only been a few weeks since I submitted the original application and (2) I knew almost no one gets approved on the first attempt! I started crying like a baby, I was so shocked and elated! Two days later, my back pay was in my bank account! However, it did not include any back pay for my children.

    Thus the reason for my writing. What will happen with my daughters' benefits? The rep had already given me a certain dollar amount, down to the penny, that they will receive. However, a couple days later, I received a letter in the mail stating it would take approximately 30 days for them to make a decision on their application. Is this just part of the process? Do they approve the initial app and then look at the application for dependents next? If my children do get approved, will I get back pay for them as well?

    Thanks so much for listening. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

    Many Blessings,

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    Default Re: SSDI Back Pay For Dependents

    Sometimes the wheels of bureaucracy move a bit slowly. If you've been approved that quickly, I expect you'll find that your children's applications are approved within the described time frame.

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