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    Arrow Problems With Mom

    I am 16 and I live in NY.. I am having a lot of problems, and my mother even tells me to move out. I was considering writing up a contract and having her sign it an a notarary.. but I honestly don't think she will. Bascially, I am going to move out regardless, but shes's absolutly crazy and will file a missing persons report to get me a PINS number. (I feel this way because I went on vacation with my bestfriend and she knew that and I had even spoken to her the night before on the phone, yet she still called the detective and started problems.) I really need to get out, I even went to the police precinct today, and they told me to go to family court and try to emancipate myself. I want to go in there with some knowledge and background first but for some reason, I can not find much when I research for New York. Do you have any information, ideas or suggestions to help?

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    Did you read all of the prior posts?

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