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    Default Can I Collect on a Re Opened Claim if I Quit

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: MT
    I was laid off a good job after working 15 years in MT. I opened an unemployment claim and collected for a month before taking a 90 day to permanent position with a placement agency in RI. The job was in MA. After the 90 days of working with toxic chemicals and solder smoke the boss told me I was not good and would not be hired for the job I signed up for and good stay and mix chemicals at a lower rate. The work environment sucked and I packed my tools and left.
    I went to MA unemployment office today and they said I had to re open a claim in MT. I fear the boss in MA would say I quit...the office in RI said I furfilled my obligation.
    I will go to MT web site to reopen my claim. I need some legal help or advice.

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    Default Re: Can I Collect on a Re Opened Claim if I Quit

    The placement agency was your employer, so they will be asked whether you quit or if the assignment simply came to an end. Are they aware that you were offered lower paying work?

    Obviously, you'll need to answer all questions truthfully. There's a pretty solid chance that since you declined an offer of work, your claim will be denied.

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    Default Re: Can I Collect on a Re Opened Claim if I Quit

    Thanks Missy. The employment agency said I met my obligations and they would not deny my unemployment. I went to MA unemployment they told me to go to MT unemployment and re-open claim.
    I will try to do this on line today....we will see...anyone have advice I'm all ears.

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