My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Louisiana

My husband and I recently went to cps to report my brother in law and his live in Gf of neglect and drug dependancy. We have witnessed alot of mental abuse and violence in their home. this goes on in front of their 3 children on a daily basis. The cops have been called out to their home on several occasions for domestic violence and my brother n law has been in jail and is on probation for poss. of cocaine. He is addicted to meth and shoots up oxycontin through a syringe!!! their house is filthy and their electricity has been turn off more then once. The cops were recently called out by a customer at a store that witnessed my b. in law screaming at the oldest child in the car and left the 4, 2, and 6 month old in the car while he went in to shop. they stopped him down the road and took him to jail because he was on drugs and had it on him when he wa pulled over. the children were in the car with him at tjhat time . they arrested him and called my MIL to pick up the kids. He didnt have a d. license and no auto ins. either. this was just it for us. he has tried committing suicide in front of the oldest child also. My point of all this is< we have finally turned all this in and cps seems to be taking their time at doing things. they have plenty police reports and rwecords and they have tested them both for drugs, so whats the deal? I know that they have went to their home 3 times now and are investigating them, so its been about 4 weeks and nothing has happened to them. am I missing something here? I guess we assumed that they were smart enough to see what was taking place, tehy have already taken 2 drug test and are having to take another at random, but they tell them all this and call them ahead of time they come out and let them know they will be showing up. well, they are obviously gonna clean up a little and act as though ecerything is fine. I'm sorry for being so long winded , but this very frustrating to us. we are trying our best to wait this out, but it seems like they will be getting away with all this.of course my brother inlaws Gf and him act like everything going ok with it and say they both passed their drug test, which would just have to be an absolute miracle. he told my husband that he wouldn't pass it, so do you think they are still running their investigation and just aren't telling them everything? They had also said that they were gonna try to get an order from the judge to speak to the 4 year old, but nothing has happened with that either.