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    Unhappy Driving Without a License, Resulting in an Arrest Warrant

    On Halloween I got pulled over on my way home from dropping a friend off at her's and I was driving without a license. I was arrested and bailed myself out for $300. I went to 2 court dates that were both adjourned so I could try to get my drivers license, but they didnt realize that when they pulled me over that I told them I didnt have any identification at all because it got lost at my dad's house and never came up. I was born in Tennessee so I had to wait months for a new birth certificate to come through the mail so how do they expect me to get a driver's license in one month? I finally got my state i.d. which is the first I've ever gotten in my life and now Im waiting for that to come in. That will take at least 2 weeks. Now I missed my Jan 26th court date and have a warrant out for my arrest but on top of not having even a state i.d. yet, I'm 5 months pregnant with health conditions and can't even get assistance for my baby to come.

    Why am I expected to have everything done and ready for them in a certain amount of time when it takes so much longer to retrieve everything they're asking for and they KNOW it too. Being 5 months pregnant sucks too. I'm sick all the time, I never leave the house (seriously) and it is so hard to just go and do anything when Im this huge planet who's throwing up and having hot flashes... and Im still not even close to finishing the process it takes to get to the start of the process of trying to get my driver's license. All of this AND I havent been to the doctors yet to check on the baby and I have yet to find a home and furniture and baby stuff it takes to have this unexpected family. I cant even get a job to pay for these things because of the warrant!!

    Someone please help me. Tell me what it takes to make all of this go away forever in the easiest way possible so I can start thinking about my child without the extra worry. I dont deserve to go to jail especially in the state im in and I surely dont deserve to have my baby taken away from me when I have it because I went out for 5 minutes to be there for a friend.

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    Default Re: Driving Without License. Have Warrant for Arrest

    Two possible solutions:

    1. Surrender


    B. Get a lawyer and surrender.

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    Default Re: Driving Without License. Have Warrant for Arrest

    The sooner you turn yourself in the better. You can get an attorney who can help arrange the turning in so that you spend as little time in jail as possible before going to court (maybe even the same day). but the warrant isn't going away until you are brought before the court. Get this dealt with BEFORE the baby arrives.

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