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    My question involves a background check in the State of: LA

    I recently applied for an airline job and they ran a fingerprint check. My finger prints came back to reveal a criminal record. I thought it was expunged, but evidently it is not?? They said I need to find out the ending result of this case. When I went to court the judge called me into his chambers and told me the case was expunged?? I am confused because if it was why did it still show up with no ending result?? HOW LONG does it take to get my records? If I call the court will they get them to me ASAP?? I really want this job!!
    I live in the state of Oregon now. All this occurred in New Orleans, LA. 2001.

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    Even if your record is expunged, it can still be seen by certain agencies (ie FBI, law enforcement). Your record is not completely erased/gone - just can't be seen by most employers.

    What type of airline job did you apply for?

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    Flight Attendant. I have 2 weeks to get my record to them..=(

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