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    Default How to Evict My Eighteen-Year-Old Son

    I'm a single Mom, with a 18 yr old son, who is verbally abusive. How do I go about getting him evicted from my apartment? I can't get him kicked out, and the police can't seem to give me straight answer. I reside in Texas.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Next time he leaves, pack his stuff, set it out on the curb and change the locks. In Texas you are no longer responsible for a child once they turn 18.

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    I had posted a similar question here a few weeks back, but it 'disappeared' a few days later, presumably their server crashed. I live in Georgia, and police told me I had to "go through the eviction process in the courts", while others here said basically what ceara advised.

    UPDATE: I went down to the courthouse and spoke to a magistrate to ask if I could just change the locks. It really is that simple, he said - "It's YOUR house!". Anyway, he also advised that there are options. If he doesn't leave on his own, you could file a trespass warrant, and the police will come remove him for you. OR, since he's verbally abusive, you could file for a restraining order and he'd also be removed.

    I know these are drastic measures that most caring (although fed-up) parents would rather avoid...but I'm convinced that today's youth need to have one of these drastic measures taken in order to grab their attention and show them that THEY don't rule the world as they seem to think. It's a temporary showdown...they'll find their senses shortly thereafter and be beggin' forgiveness. Then you can set the rules on visits, Sunday dinners, etc. Have fun!

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