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    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Florida

    This is something we are trying to sort out right now. I have a friend who got two of his cars towed away at 1 or 2 in the morning on Sunday (today) from an apartment complex. Car #1 had a temporary license plate that just expired on Saturday, so it expired about 1 hour before it got towed away. Car #2 was a perfectly active car, but the towing company claims that the tag expired in 2008, which is not true since this car was registered last month.

    The towing company claims that someone in the leasing office authorized to tow the cars. However, the leasing company is saying they did not authorize the tow. We are waiting for a call right now from the manager of the apartment to further understand their side.

    We talked to a police about this issue, and he said that the towing company will not be able to get into the community without the apartment office's authority. The police cannot do anything as of now.

    What I would like to know is that, is there any law about towing a car in a certain time period after the expiration date of a tag?

    This is a really unpleasant issue, and I hope to hear someone's thoughts about this.

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    For the one with the expired tag, they can snatch it one second after it expires (check your city or county ordinances related to "junked or abandoned vehicles" which is what usually applies to the towing of vehicles with expired tags). They don't have to give a grace period.

    For the other vehicle, remember that the towing company usually doesn't have access to live DHSMV records - they go by what they can see on the tag. Even if the vehicle is properly registered, the tag must display the current year's sticker to avoid a tow (people who get their stickers in the mail often shove it in the glove compartment planning to apply it later and it slips their minds). It's also possible that someone removed (stole) the sticker from your vehicle to put on their own expired tag (a common problem here in Florida). Visually double check your tag to make sure neither of these contributed to the problem.

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    Default Re: Your Thoughts. Towed Cars in Florida

    Thanks for your reply aardvac,

    He took out the cars from the towing company now since the price will just go up as days pass.
    There were some mistakes made by the owners of the cars so I guess there cannot be any arguments now. I think he had the wrong license plate on the active car (?). Also since he have couple cars (some project cars) and they were not registered with the apartment, that was the reason for towing.
    Well, it turned out the apartment did make authorization for the towing. It just seems like the cars were targeted to be towed. Getting the car towed like hour after the temp expired just is not very pleasant. It expired on Saturday, And Today, Monday is president's day which the tax office is closed. So no temp license plate on the car yet.. I just hope the car won't be towed again I wish people have more understanding and consideration. This was an interesting issue, not a happy one but I guess that is the reality.

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