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    Question Defaulted Private Loans with TERI - Back-Dated Claim Paid

    My question involves whether First Marblehead or TERI can legally back date a claim paid so that they may try to make me pay more money.

    I was a couple months late on my payments for the private TERI student loans which I borrowed. I paid around $5299.00 in December which was the balance due including all of the late fees and interest (a few were also federal student loans). I called AES and I spoke with 3 people that advised me that after the balance was paid, my account will be up to date and I will stop seeing the information box on the AES website indicating that my loan will default and I need to contact TERI. A couple days after I paid the balance, I logged on the AES site and the payment was noted on my account. The message was still there advising me to contact TERI due to the delinquincy of my loans and that they may be deaulted. I contacted TERI several times and they kept asking why I was calling since my balance was paid even though I told them I was still getting the message. About a week or two later, all of a sudden, my account said "Claim Paid" dated the date before I paid the claim. Is that even legal?

    I noted the date and times I have contacted AES and/or TERI. I called AES again after I saw that my loans were defaulted and advised them of the status and they gave me a wrong extension to a person at TERI to find out what was going on. I finally got in contact with someone TERI who informed me that First Marblehead has paid the loans. I then had to call First Marblehead to find out my options of repayment before it goes into litigation. I have already made a $588.00 payment just so it wouldn't be transferred out of their office before the deadline of when I need to decide how I am going to repay it. I don't even think I should have to deal with them in the first place.
    I really need advice on what I should do. I don't have that much time.

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    Default Re: Defaulted Private Loans with TERI - Back-Dated Claim Paid

    Can you rephrase that to state clearly what the problem is and why it bothers you? How exactly were you harmed by their crediting your payment to the account a day early?

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