State of WA - Over the past 9 months - My X's and her friends have been falsely accusing me of abuse, domestic violence, child abuse in court and in the community. My x's has lied with garbage (allegations) in her March 08 No-Contact Order (To keep me away from my child), that she withdrew the day of hearing (after 14 days), then totally new allegations in her April Dissolution and completely tone-down allegations to the parent evaluator.

During all this time, x's friends have been doing the same in the entire community (with lies such as, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, controlling etc...).

Few months ago, finally received the parent evaluator report back from GAL, who categorically dismissed domestic violence and all the other allegations (child abuse, sexual abuse and controlling etc...) - All the Xs and friends allegations and garbage was only hearsay, until recently, when the GAL report documents the allegations in her report.

Now X's is requesting mediation - my question to anyone, Can I file a slandering or defamation against any of her friends?

On purpose, do not want to file slander or perjury charges against the mother of my child, that I love (child) a lot and have joint custody with joint decision making authority and doesn't believe, going after X is in the best interest of the child.

Thanks - tdwi