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    Default Civil Demand for Innocent Party

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Penna.

    My daughter was shopping with two friends at a Dept. store. She was in another area of the dept. when the other girls shoplifted jewelry. She had no knowledge and knew nothing until they left the store and were stopped by security. Since they were minors, all the parents were called to pick them up. We were told that they would not press charges. Now, I have received a civil demand for $200 and my child hasn't done anything. To say the least, I am upset. Has anyone been in this position before? What can we do?

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    Default Re: Civil Demand for Innocent Party

    If she didn't shoplift, get a lawyer and fight it.

    You can TRY writing a letter to return with the civil demand letter, refusing to pay it on the grounds that your child did not shoplift, but that usually ends in the retailer pushing the issue, so you're really better off getting a lawyer right at the start.

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