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    Default Can a tenant move out for medical reasons?

    Two of my friends and I currently rent a house. We got a dog at my request, something I've always wanted. I checked with my other 2 roommates and none of them were allergic. This was in November of 2004 when we moved in together and purchased the dog. Now it is my understanding that one of the roommates had an allergy attack this past weekend when he was cleaning the living room (some dog hair was there, and he rarely cleans). Now this same roommate is claiming that he can't live in the house anymore because he is allergic to the dog (no proof yet, apparently there is a visit to an allergist later this week). I have no problem letting him move out if he gives proper notice and assists in finding a replacement for himself and pays rent while the search is on.

    Is there anything that could allow him to move out without finding a replacement or paying rent? He mentioned to me constructive eviction, but it doesn't appear to apply in this case. Please help.

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    Default Dog in House

    Your friend agreed to let you bring the dog into the house. It would be difficult for your friend to sustain a legal action to get out of a lease on the basis of something he invited to happen.

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    I should also point out that this is in Michigan. I noted aaron is from Ann Arbor, so I'm sure there are state laws that might apply to this as they vary from state to state. I agree completely with you aaron.

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