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    Default Job Misrepresentation

    I have a question regarding a representation made to me by my employer during the interview process. There was no relocation involved.

    I had a relatively high paying job in Chicago. I decided that I wanted to work closer to home in the suburbs and interviewed with another company.

    During the interview, I asked for a particular position at a certain level. The employer then made the comment that it would not be possible because I didn't have the necessary qualifications, but that in time I would attain that position. The money wasn't the issue, it was the title. Although I wasn't pleased about the title thing and a salary cut, I left my previous employer (taking a paycut and a lowered status of a job) so that I could work closer to home. I now have the qualifications to be eligible for the title, although I haven't gotten that title yet. The title would be very important as a springboard to better jobs in the future.

    Subsequently, my employer hired a person with the job title I was seeking, who literally had the very same qualifications I did when I first started. This person also didn't/doesn't have the qualifications supposedly necessary to have that title, yet she got the title.

    Do I have any recourse? I would never have taken this job had I known that this was going to happen. Also, I get good reviews on the job and am considered a valuable employee, so it's not liek the company hates me (I presume).

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    Default Job Qualifications

    It seems possible that (a) the employer doesn't share your opinion that your credentials are equivalent with those of the other candidate, or (b) that they revised the job qualifications or lowered their expectations because they couldn't fill the opening.

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    Very astute observations I think.

    The latter certainly is true. Although they hunted quite a bit for me, they hunted even longer for the other person.

    In terms of qualifications, we are almost identical--age, years of experience, degree, etc. We even make the same salary, but the titles differ. However, I presently meet the criteria he stated for the higher title (managing one or more employees--I have 2), while the other person does not.

    I am assuming, judging from your response, that I probably really don't have much recourse. Thanks for the response.

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